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At Walmart Puerto Rico, we believe in making a difference on the issues our customers and communities care about. We believe we can create more local jobs and contribute to the economy by supporting products manufactured and grown on the Island. Activating the agriculture and manufacturing sectors of our economy requires a collective effort from companies, industry leaders, lawmakers and others. As a company we are committed in driving these initiatives which will create more jobs and ultimately strengthen our Island’s economy.

Together, we can help spark a revitalization of Puerto Rico based manufacturing and agriculture. By making production more affordable and feasible on the Island, we can bring our customers more locally made products and, in turn, farmers and manufacturers can create more jobs in Puerto Rico.

Press Release Post Open Call 2018
2019 PR Open Call

As  a result  of  the  first Open  Call Puerto  Rico initiative,  Walmart  signed  trade agreements  with  91  local suppliers for  the  sale of more  than  a  hundred  new locally harvested or manufactured products in  its stores, significantly increasing its support to different segments of Puerto Rican entrepreneurs. The value of these agreements represented a $3 million increase in Walmart’s annual investment in the purchase of goods from local companies. The  suppliers that  signed trade agreements  with  Walmart  represented around 74% of a total of 124 local companies that attended the 2018 Open Call Puerto Rico event.

Puerto Rico Suppliers exporting to Walmart stores in United States

Puerto Rico Suppliers exporting to Walmart stores in United States

Nine local suppliers did attend the US Open Call back in June at Bentonville Headquarters office to export their products to the stores in United States. These companies will generate at a combined 100 direct jobs at their respective plants on the Island, where they will invest in anticipation of further growth.

Premio Impulso a la Exportacion

The Puerto Rico Products Association distinguished Walmart with the “Premio Impulso a la Exportación”, in recognition to the company’s efforts to support and promote that locally harvested or produced goods reach other markets through Walmart stores located in the United States, as part of its continued commitment to contribute significantly to the socio-economic development and well-being of communities on the Island.

Popcorn Statera
Popcorn Statera

Walmart and Plaza Provision empowering woman owned business with Popcorn Statera Made in Puerto Rico.

Handcrafted in the Jack Packaging, Inc. plant, Statera is the first line of healthy popcorn made with local and international ingredients, such as Cabo Rojo sea salt, cane sugar and organic corn seed. It is gluten free, "Non-GMO" and has 0 tans fat.

Ganaderos Alvarado

Ganaderos Alvarado

Ganaderos Alvarado, Inc. is a family corporation that began operations in 1982.  To offer consumers a better product, the company has total control of the entire process of its business: raising cattle, manufacturing, packaging and distribution of meat products.


Bettina® Cosmetics

Bettina® Cosmetics

In 1963, Bettina® Cosmetics was founded with the vision of accentuating the beauty of Puerto Rican women. Over 50 years later, the company has achieved a top position in the vast cosmetics market, especially its line of nail polishes, which has been the largest selling brand in Puerto Rico since it was introduced. (

Puerto Rico Softex Products Inc.

Softex Products Inc.

Founded in Puerto Rico in 1980, Softex Products Inc. is the island’s first paper converting company. Softex Products manufactures bathroom tissues, napkins and paper towels for both domestic and institutional use, and products are also available for packaging under private labels. (

Marvel International, Inc.

Marvel International, Inc.

Founded in 1962, Marvel is a leading manufacturing plant in Puerto Rico for more than 50 years, in which more than 150,000 pounds of hamburgers, soups, “sofrito”, spices and dips are produced weekly. El Gordito, one of its products, is the #1 brand of hamburgers in the Island.

Arroz Rico

Panamerican Grain

Pan American Grain is a company that has been operation for more than 30 years in the importing, processing, manufacturing and distribution of foods and other products. Arroz Rico, one of its flagship products, is manufacture in its rice mills, considered as one of the largest in the United States.


Bananera Pagán

Bananera Pagán is a family-owned business established in Yauco in 1993. The company grows green and ripe bananas and plantains.

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